The Marx Brothers Missions:

Transcript: The Internet Session Number 1

In The Tower

This is a transcript of the Marx Brothers session on 9/28/2001

Contents have been slighly edit for ease of understanding

The Marx Brothers are...
Illya Kuryaken - Dennis (red text)
Mel MacElroy - Tim (orange text)
Anton Ringlin - Tony (blue text)
Drake Hawkins - Pat (played by GM today) (grey text)
Joe - Alan (2nd half, played by GM) (green text)

The Quick Summary:

A large number of bats swarm the tower room you are in, but leave shortly thereafter, having caused no noticable damage, although just after Joe raised the alarm, and just before the bats arrived, the blue-skinned dwarf vanished from view. Shortly thereafter, undead creatures (zombies?) climbed the stairs towards you, but proved to be quite susceptible to "five rounds rapid" and were swiftly dispatched with grenades, shot, and bullets. As the gunsmoke cleared and the team prepared to reload, they suddenly realized that Strahd was in the room with them. He seems to attempt some sort of mind control on the team, and several of the group (though not the four spies, nor the vampire-killer Joe) were seemingly affected. The villager named Ferdie approache the Count and appeared to receive instructions from him. Anton immediately shot and killed him. Strahd, furious, threatened the group, pointing out that they had killed several villagers and caused much destruction in his castle. Strahd seems to attempt one final mind control, then, as the team prepared to do battle, leapt from the tower room into the darkness below. There was now friction between the team, but they tentatively agreed to stick together (except for the elf, who did not reappear) and work their way into the crypts to attempt to confront the Vampyr, Count Strahd von Zarovich.

The Long Version:

GM: OK, are we ready?
Anton: Ready
Illya: I suppose.
Mel:: Ready
GM: Then....dare I say it...
Joe:: ready
Anton: I shoot it!
Joe:: who brought the cheesy puffs?
GM: Greetings!

GM:A couple of quick rules-y things. We're still using GURPS, of course, but I'm trying out some "modifications" to the rules to try and keep things moving. In general, when I ask for a die roll, you'll role 3 six-sided dice and give the total. Lower is always better. If I give you a bonus to a roll, that means to subtract from the total, a penalty means to add to the roll. If I ask for a "median" roll or a "median-of-three", that means roll 3 dice three times, and give the median result. (Just for the record, "order the rolls from lowest to highest, and give me the one in the middle".)

For any slow typers out there, if things are getting ahead of you, just type "Wait", or go ahead and send a partial sentence.

Mel:: Must have been Ollie
GM: Just get us all on the same page�here's the end of the "Last Turn" description from my web page. At the beginning of this description, Anton, Illya, Mel, Drake, Syman, and Dan are in the room (apparently) atop this tower. The rest of the team (Ollie, Ireena, Ferdie, Melva, Casey, and the dog) is sitting on the spiral staircase leading up to this room, with Joe and Sarah keeping guard at the rear of the group.

Oh, and for tonight maps are located at

GM: (Cue flashback music.)

Tension hangs in the air, an aftermath of the harsh words between Dan and the others. But despite this tension, the adventurers move in workmanlike fashion to perform a complete and thorough search of this small room. As they begin, Mel orders Syman to return to the steps and send Ollie up. Syman makes no effort to conceal his frustration at the current situation, but says nothing as he returns to the stairs and treads downward. A few moments later, and Ollie climbs up. Mel pulls Strahd's diary from Ollie's pack, and hands it to Dan, who begins to leaf through the pages. Anton hands Ollie the Icon, telling him to give it to Sarah. Ollie leaves the room.

Anton and Illya step over to the bed and begin to search it, while Mel and Drake cross over to the manacles.
Anton: Yay! What a great website :)
GM: The bed is made of a wooden frame, with a mattress that is stuffed with coarse straw. It appears to have been well-used in the past, and has been well tended to; in fact, it is for the most part dust-free. A few minutes of searching reveal nothing under the bed, and show that the frame is made of solid wood, hiding nothing.

The mattress is the next target. Anton tears open the side of the mattress and begins pulling the straw out, a handful at a time. When about a third of the straw has been removed, Anton's hand touches something solid. He grabs it, and pulls it out. It is a white tube, about 18 inches long, with a cap on one end. Handing it to Illya, he continues his search, and by the time the mattress is empty of straw, he has pulled out a second tube identical to the first (which
GM: (which he also hands to Illya), and something even more interesting.

In Anton's hand is a medallion in the shape of the sun, with a large crystal imbedded in the center. Around the crystal are various markings and symbols. It is obviously very old, and the craftsmanship is remarkable.

GM: Mel and Drake have less luck. The manacles are bolted firmly to the wall. They, too, have been well tended to, showing no signs of rust or abuse. The wall around the manacles seems firm, and you see no way using the tools you have with you to remove the manacles from the wall. They appear solid and do not appear to hide anything. Neither Mel nor Drake can tell if the manacles have been used recently. They begin a search of the walls of the room, looking for anything unusual.

GM: While the others search, Dan examines the diary. As he does so, he ventures down onto the steps, and sees the others sitting quietly if pensively. Syman is sitting a few steps below the top step, and when he sees Dan coming down, he quickly gets up and descends down to where Joe and Sarah are standing guard.

GM: Suddenly, Joe turns back to the others, calling out in a quiet voice, "Something approaches!" Syman dashes up the stairs to give warning to those up in the tower room.

GM: Anton quickly hands the medallion to Mel (who pockets it for now), and calls out, "Pull everyone back up here - this room is defendable!" The group quickly complies, moving into the room. Mel, Joe, and Illya stand closest to the stairwell, Joe in the middle, watching downwards. Anton and the others stand back - Anton, Syman, and Sarah will be guarding Ireena, although Anton will join any fray with shots from his Browning if he gets the opportunity.

GM: Dan is suddenly nowhere to be seen.

Current time: 4:29 PM.

(Cue "The Marx Brothers Missions" theme�..)

GM: Whew are my fingers tired.
GM: Good thing I took that typing course.
GM: When yall are ready, ping me
Anton: Ping
Mel:: Ping
Anton: Anton has his Browning ready, waiting for a shot at something....anything.....
Joe:: ping
Mel:: Sword drawn
Joe:: ready for action... waiting waiting
GM: Everyone dashes up to the room. You look around to check out your strategic position. You are on the (presumed) top floor of a circular tower. There is a 10' wide gap at the south end of the room along the wall; this is where the stairs lead up (there is no floor over the stairs.) At the east side of the room, the fall is 50 feet down to the landing at which you entered the tower. On the west side, the stairs meet the room.

(Map is at, or for just the map,

Illya: Ping I guess... I thought we were somewhere else when we last left off...
Mel:: Anton took it
GM: Yes
GM: Ok, so Anton has his
GM: Browning out
GM: Mel has his Sword of Light
Illya: My sword is drawn
GM: Where are the others being positioned
Joe:: sword drawn, checking out surroundings
GM: Where are you standing, and what's Joe up to?
Mel:: human shields
GM: Uh, you *were* kidding, right?
GM: *Above* the sixth floor
Joe:: ahhhhhh
GM: The maps have a gap...
Joe:: so do my teeth
Joe:: ok, i got it
GM: Follow the rickety walk into a tower, then go up a 50' spiral staircae
GM: and there you are
GM: Suddenly the tower room is filled with hundred, maybe thousands of bats, flying frantically about. The screeching and beating of their wings echo in the room. Melva and Casey are screaming, as bats pelt into all of you. They are knocking the lantern, hanging from the ceiling, so that the light swings to and fro.
Joe:: i stop drop and roll, in the interest of keeping bats out of my hair
Anton: Anton reaches for Ireena, trying to provide some amount of protection.
Mel:: batting practice
Illya: I don't know who is around me, so I am just swinging my sword overhead trying to keep the bats away
Joe:: do the bats have a flight plan or just circling about looking for munchies
GM: No, they are buzzing around and being annoying, but don't seem to be attacking.
GM: Howver, the room darkens with their presence, then suddenly gets darker still as the overhead lamp is knocked to the ground and shatters, going out. The only light in the room now is cast from the Sword of Light and from a torch held by Ollie, though he is swinging it at bats swarming around his head, so that the illumination bounces around the room wildly.
GM: The bats don't seem to be attacking anyone. They're bumping into you, pelting you, bouncing off your armor, your shields, even your heads, but they don't seem to be trying to hurt you. They are a blamed annoyance, though.

And Melva and Casey are still screaming�
Joe:: sup par
Joe:: any other lights people?
GM: Mel and Anton are killing a few
GM: but it seems to be mostly like mosquitos after dark in the UP
Mel:: anyone with a torch?
Anton: I'm really not attacking the bats.... Not an effective use of ammo.
GM: except the bats aren't biting
Mel:: keep swinging
GM: Ollie has spare torches, but he's preoccupied
Joe:: downstairs would probably be better
GM: Oh, forgot Illya's Flametongue sword provides light like a torch
Anton: Anton fires two shots into the ceiling, to see if the noise will drive the bats away.
GM: Still, the light is very wavering...
GM: Pow Pow
GM: Anton, Browning, right?
Illya: Remind me again who Melva and Casey are, are the bats the reason the are screaming or is it something else?
GM: The are two of the villagers
Anton: Yep. 9mm dum dum
GM: who "joined" your party (ie started following you around)
GM: Far as you can tell it's the bats
Joe:: we need light!!! something else is coming!
Anton: Melva & Casey are the "heroes" of the village.
GM: As suddenly as the bats arrived, they filter out back down into the tower below. One moment the room is filled with their presence, the next it is empty.

Melva and Casey stop screaming. They're now down to whimpering.
GM: No one seems to have been harmed..
Mel:: head downstairs or try to read the scrolls?
GM: It takes your ears a moment to clear, but as soon as they do, you can hear movement on the staircase below. Man-like movement. Coming up the stairs.
Joe:: i'm trying to get a light up, and explaining to everyone else that there is something not right here
GM: Something is coming.
Anton: Anton stays ready.
GM: What are you lighting up?
Mel:: sword drawn
Joe:: here or in the game?
Mel:: Ollie has a few torches
Joe:: i don't have any lights
GM: Curiosity....are backpacks on or off?
Illya: We do have one lit torch...
Joe:: but i stress that we will need them *soon*
Anton: On
Mel:: on
GM: Hmm. From the sounds of them, *lots* of somethings.
Illya: On, otherwise where would it be?
GM: The light from the two swords and Ollie's torch is sufficient to see around the room, and down the stairs
GM: not quite as far as the landing.
Mel:: grenade down the stairs?
Joe:: i perch over the stairs to get a look-see
Anton: That's our only way down.....
Joe:: prior to any high-explosives if possible
GM: Looking down into the tower, you see the source of the noise. They are almost half-way up the staircase. The...things...coming up the stairs were human, once, but from the look of them, they clearly died long ago. The smell of death precedes them. There are at more than a dozen, as many as twenty, of these things climbing the steps. (Illya, Anton, and Mel�.these things look very much like the things that surrounded your underwater jail cell, that you dispatched with bullets.)

Mel:: who wants the first shot?
Anton: Ok. *Now* I think a grenade would be nice....
GM: They are moving at a regular walk.
GM: They'll be up in about 20 seconds or so
Mel:: one grenade will be launched...
Mel:: now
GM: Mason grenade?
Joe:: backs up
Mel:: yes
Joe:: tbrb
GM: tbrb?
Anton: Anton holsters his pistol, and pulls out the shotgun.
GM: FYI, Anton's shotgun is sawed-off
Anton: Heh... Entertaining, isn't he?
GM: Yep.
Anton: Yes, I know the shotgun is sawed-off
GM: Hey Joe, try "Hands free"
GM: We can hear the party in the background
Joe:: sorry
Mel:: after the grenade, put sword away and draw my shotgun
GM: Mel give me a 3d roll
Anton: Once the grenade blows, Anton will head downstairs, ready to start firing.
GM: Grenade set for impact or timing?
Mel:: 11
Illya: I'm keeping with the sword for now
Joe:: swords here
Mel:: impact
GM: Mel, you see a whole parade of these things coming up the stairs
GM: for where are you aiming
Mel:: 11
Yahoo! Messenger: ptrrdn is not available.
Joe:: sorry guys, i gotta go. bill, cover for me
GM: Got ya, Tom
GM: Mel tosses the grenade
Joe:: ggs
Yahoo! Messenger: Joe: has left the conference.
GM: and hits the stairs right in the middle of the
GM: parade
GM: the explosion is *very* loud
GM: dust falls from the ceiling
GM: The flash takes away your vision for a moment
GM: and when you look down, half the 'army' is no more.
GM: Anton races down the stairs
Anton: Anton moves down, shouting "Protect the girl"
Mel:: shotgun is next
Illya: Which leaves?
GM: sawed off in hand
Mel:: yes
GM: The front group has five zombies standing
Mel:: drake i guess
GM: in the rear there are another four or five
Anton: As soon as I get within 5 meters, I open fire, trying to keep out of melee range.
GM: Sarah and Syman step forward, with Drake, to protect Ireena
Illya: Following behind Mel and Anton, still with my sword ready to go
GM: Joe is following Anton down the stairs
GM: Illya, Mel?
Mel:: halfway
GM: Halfway to the zombies?
GM: Gotcha, Illya
Mel:: yes
Anton: be right back....
GM: Anton reaches the zombies first. At 5 meters range,
Mel:: looking for a clear shot
Anton: back
Yahoo! Messenger: ptrrdn is not available.
GM: he pulls the trigger of his sawedoff shotgun
GM: He blows a hole right in the chest of the zombie
GM: it staggers backwards, knocking into the one behind it
GM: which also takes damage from the shot
GM: But it doesn't fall
GM: Joe runs up, past Anton
GM: and swings his silver Katana at the zombie
GM: The zombie attempts to claw Anton, and misses.
GM: Joe's strike misses as well.
Mel:: what is Dan doing?
GM: don't know
Anton: He vanished, the wussie....
GM: Anton fires again(?)
Anton: Not if Joe's in the way, but if I can get a clear shot, I will
GM: It's a clear shot
Anton: Bang!
GM: this time you blow off the things head.
Mel:: moving for a clear shot
GM: It staggers back, and the zombie behind it
GM: pushes it over the side of the stairs
GM: where it falls into the darkness
GM: (Remember, the stairs are only 10 feet wide)
GM: The right side is against he tower wall
GM: the left side just falls off into space
GM: (No OSHA to require hand rails)
Anton: Anton will continue firing until they're all destroyed.
GM: Illya is providing light with his sword
GM: Mel and Anton are firing
GM: Joe is attempting to defend Anton from direct attack and
GM: attack the beasts as well.
Anton: Once again, I'll be back in a couple minutes...
Mel:: did we get our stuff back from Dan or are we down an icon?
GM: A few seconds pass. Anton fires off the remaining three shots in his shotgun, and Mel gets off four shots. Anton's shotgun is now empty. Two zombies in the first group are standing, one wounded, and the other group is getting close.
Mel:: keep shooting
GM: Sarah has the icon
GM: But Dan had Strahd's diary
Mel:: be at the airport the night before?
Anton: Back
Anton: Anton drops the shotgun, and draws his browning, firing away.
GM: Tony, give me a 3d roll vs dx, bonus of 1
Mel:: where don't have Air Force One with a fighter escort
Anton: Rolled 14
GM: Made it
GM: The shotgun falls to the steps. Your Browning is out
GM: The next 10 seconds pass swiftly
GM: Mel and Tony, give me a 3d roll
Anton: 13
Mel:: 10
GM: Mel and Anton continue firing.
Mel:: what's joe doing?
GM: one of the zombies is able to grab at Anton---give me a 3d roll vs Dx Anton
GM: Joe is fighting with his sword next to Anton
Anton: 10
GM: trying to protect him and *not* knock him donw.
GM: You manage to elude the grasp of the thing
GM: Suddenly, all is quiet.
GM: Movement has stopped
GM: They're all...dead.
GM: Well, more dead than before
Mel:: Strahd's calling card?
GM: Mel and Antons guns are empty
Mel:: Nextcard here
Anton: Anton reloads the browning quickly.
Mel:: reload quickly
Illya: And picks up the shotgun?
Anton: If nothing is moving, Anton will pick up the shotgun, get the shells from his backpack, and start reloading.
Mel:: we are a tidy bunch
GM: Anton pulls out his last available full magazine and puts the empty away
Anton: Just don't trip on the spent brass.....
GM: Mel, all your shells are in your backpack, reloading will take a while.
Mel:: ok
GM: ANton, you're refilling the empty from your backpack?
Anton: I'm waiting. First, I reload the shotgun from my backpack.
GM: Gotcha
Illya: Back up to the room?
Anton: No. It's time to finish this....
GM: Mel, are you reloading?
Anton: We head down.
GM: Not just yet....
Anton: Once we've reloaded.
Mel:: yes...completely and to check my browning also
GM: Ok, so we've got Illya, Mel, and Anton on the stairs. Mel
GM: Mel's backpack is off
GM: and he's reloading his shotgun
Mel:: shall somebody read the scrolls while we reload?
Illya: Joe should still be there as well.
GM: Joe jogs back up to the room
GM: Sarah screams.
Anton: Anton turns, and runs up the stairs.
Mel:: what's happening Drake (russian)
Illya: I'll go back up towards the room. They can reload in the dark.
GM: Drake:
Mel:: Protect Ireena (Russian)
GM: Joe, then Anton run back to the tower room.
GM: Strahd is there, standing in the back of the room away from where the rest of the group is gathered.
GM: Just standing.
GM: Then, as Anton enters the room, speaking...
GM: Illya?
Anton: Avoid his gaze!
Mel:: inch up the stairs but stay outside the room
GM: Illya is back in the room as well.
GM: Strahd speaks..

GM: Wait
GM: Hang on a sec..
GM: . "Hold. I must speak to you." He stands still, eyes blazing red but otherwise apparently not an immediate threat. If, that is, a Vampyr can ever be considered 'not an immediate threat'.

GM: Oh, sorry, you don't see his eyes, skip that part.
Mel:: listen on the communicator if necessary...quietly
GM: You can hear're only a few meters away
GM: As Strahd speaks, he looks at each of you in turn; his eyes linger on Ireena noticeably longer than on any of the rest of you. "During my meditations, it has been revealed to me that true strength lies in mercy. It is true that you have all, by your actions, made your lives forfeit to the gods of justice through mine own hands. Yet it is also true that I am strong; and I must be merciful."
Mel:: ok
GM: "I offer you this option, then. You may continue to oppose me, in which case the gods of justice will prevail--- your lives will be taken from you. Or, you may ask for forgiveness and pledge to end your attack upon my person and those who reside in this land. If you do this, in my mercy I will pardon your offenses; then, perhaps, this reign of terror you have begun shall cease and peace can be restored to my home and my ancestral lands. Those who wish forgiveness may approach me and, bending upon one knee, ask for my pardon for your offenses."

Anton: "Die, you piece of shit!"
GM: Ferdie begins to approach Strahd.

Anton: Anton fires his browning at Strahd
GM: Anyone else taking action?
Illya: Do you think he has a bridge to sell as well? (Russian)
GM: Drake isn't saying anything or moving.
Mel:: staying on the stairs and watching our flank
Yahoo! Messenger: ptrrdn is not available.
Illya: Anybody got a wooden stake? (Russian)
GM: Joe is still as well.
GM: Anton, how many shots?
Anton: Six.
GM: Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow
GM: Strahd staggers back from the impact of the shots
Illya: What is this Ray Rayner?
Anton: Just what I was thinking....
GM: At least four hit him
Mel:: keep an eye on our comrades(russian)
GM: He backs into the wall behind him
GM: Ferdie looks at Anton with shock.
GM: Strahd regains his balance, stands, and brushes himself off.
Illya: Where's Buffy when you need her most? (Russian)
Mel:: on another network (russian)
GM: ANACHRONISM!!! You guys left Earth back in '82, well before even the movie incarnation!
GM: :)
GM: Strahd ignores the gunshots
Illya: Is it our fault this has taken years to play?
GM: Ferdie does too
GM: ;)
Mel:: what is Drake up to?(russian)
GM: He's not doing anything
GM: He's also avoiding Strahd's gaze
GM: Genuflecting in front of him, he asks the Count for pardon. Strahd says, "As is written in the books of the ancestors, a true heart is reflected in a true visage. Stand, face me, and pledge that you shall no longer be mine enemy." Ferdie does this. Strahd then lays his hand upon the boy's shoulder, and says, "Pardon I do grant thee." He then appears to say something very softly into Ferdie's ear.
GM: Sorry
GM: "He" here is Ferdie
GM: Actions?
Anton: Anton shoots Ferdie in the head. One shot.
Mel:: shoot him? (russian)
GM: Give me a roll
Anton: 8
GM: Roll 2d
Anton: 9
Yahoo! Messenger: Mel: has left the conference.
Anton: Oh god, Strahd got Tim!
GM: Mel, where for art thou?
Yahoo! Messenger: Mel: has joined the conference.
GM: Mel, you're back!
GM: Ferdie now has a small hole on one side of his head
Mel:: yes
GM: and a large one on the other side
GM: and is lying prone on the floor in a pool of blood.
GM: Melva and Casey are screaming
Anton: Anyone else want to take the Count up on his offer?
Illya: Anyone else want to convert?
Mel:: Who's Next?
GM: Strahd's breathing increases pace
Illya: great album
GM: You can almost feel the temperature in the room rising along with his rage.
GM: Drake looks at Anton, eyebrow raised.
GM: Joe looks totally shocked
GM: Ireena is appalled.
Illya: Still looking for a wooden stake. (Russian)
Anton: Anton draws his magical sword, and says "Come get some, bat-boy!"
GM: "You pitiful, sorry fool. Why have you done this, why have you brought such evil into my home?"
Mel:: if I am done reloading then switch to the sword of light
GM: "Tell me what you want. Why do you cause so much pain in my lands?"
GM: "Miss Kolyana, are you a party to this...this...madness?"
GM: Mel: Ok
Anton: "I want to get the hell out of here, and you're in my way"
GM: Strahd stands taller.
GM: "You came into my home of your own free will.
GM: You have killed and destroyed.
Mel:: Guard Ireena (Russian)
GM: I have done nothing, nothing, to harm you.
GM: I *will* *protect* those who live in my lands.
GM: I *will* *protect* you, Ireena, from these madmen.
Mel:: as slaves
GM: Those who want protection, come to me.
GM: Come
GM: There is command in his voice.
GM: Roll vs willpower
GM: three dice
Anton: ack! 12......
Mel:: 11
Illya: 12 as well
GM: hang on a sec
GM: Ok
GM: En mass, Melva, Casey, Syman, and Ollie approach Strahd
Anton: Anton calls out, "Use the Icon!!!!", and rushes Strahd, sword out
GM: Actions, Mel and Illya?
Mel:: Follow Anton sword drawn
Illya: I'll follow with my sword drawn...
Anton: Be back in 10 seconds....
GM: 10...9...8...
Mel:: What about Drake?
Mel:: And Joe
GM: Drake is talking to Sarah...Joe is standing by Ireena
GM: Ireena looks to be in shock, and Joe looks confused
GM: Drake Drake
Mel:: The life of a NPC
Anton: back
GM: Olie and Syman run towards Anton
GM: As Anton closes, Strahd leaps...
GM: to his left...
GM: and over the edge of the room down to...
GM: Oliie is yelling, :"Stop, you idiot!"
Mel:: Are O & S with us or against us? (Russian)
GM: Syman is yelling, too.
GM: Can't you see...Strahd isn't the problem here!"
GM: What are you doing?
Illya: I'd say with us, once the Strahd's influence can no longer be felt, if it works that way (Russian)
GM: Melva is bent over Ferdie.
Mel:: Strahd still here?
GM: Melva:"You...killed...him."
GM: You don't see him.
Anton: Anton stops charging, and glares at O&S, mumbling, "traitors...."
Mel:: Keeping watch at the door
Illya: As do I
GM: Not really a door.
GM: Just that the floor descends in a spiral staircase.
Mel:: entrance then
GM: Right
GM: Ollie grabs at Anton's shoulders. "You idiot! All this time, we've been assuming Strahd's the villain.
GM: Why?
GM: We invaded his house, killed his servants.
Anton: Anton punches Ollie in the jaw.
GM: *we* are the villains.
Mel:: We are here for a purpose!!!
Anton: "Shut up! He's a damn vampire! Not even human!"
GM: Ollie falls back, landing prone next to the body of Ferdie. He holds his jaw and looks up at Anton in shock and anger.
GM: Drake: "Yes, we *are* here for a purpose. Remind me again what that purpose is."
GM: Syman is shouting something in a language no one here understands.
Illya: To get Jimmy Hoffa a book to read (Russian)
GM: Ireena is now comforting Melva.
Mel:: Check Drake...he has been much to subdued (Russian)
GM: Drake (Russian) "Da. *Not* to kill a vampire. To get a book."
Mel:: At the vampire's library
Anton: The book is "hidden behind one of the heroes", if you believe the gypsy.
GM: Drake (Russian) "Can we guess who might know where the book is."
Illya: And we just don't expect them to give us the book (Russian)
GM: Joe is now with Ireena, Melva, and the others.
Mel:: Who can read the scrolls?
GM: Sarah says, "Let me see them." Basically, you three and Sarah are the only ones not surrounding the body of Ferdie; the others are talking quietly.
Anton: Anton sheathes the sword, takes off his backpack, and starts loading his shotgun.
GM: Do you let her look at the scrolls?
Mel:: Someone needs to watch the others given the recent difference of opinions (Russian)
Anton: He's watching the people around Ferdie's body carefully.
Anton: (Anton is, I mean)
Mel:: Yes with an escort
GM: Sarah looks over the scrolls. "These are clerical scrolls. This one here has spells called 'Protection from Evil', 'Resurrection', and 'Restoration'. Prote-evil sets up a sort of barrier around someone that some evil creatures can't penetrate, but even the ones that can get through it are hampered some. Resurrection�well, that should be clear enough. Revival heals certain types of damage caused by the undead, reverses the draining of life-force, that sort of thing. Now, this other scroll *had* three spells, but one has been used. Once you cast a spell off a scroll, it's gone forever. The two spells remaining are 'Restoration' and 'Commune'. Now, the problem is, excepting for Prote-evil, these spells are all, uh, well, you need an experienced cleric to cast them,
GM: more experienced than me or Syman. Well, we can *try* to cast them, but there's a chance the spell could not work, or go wrong. Maybe 50-50 for Restoration and Resurrection, better for Commune."

GM: Those around Ferdie are speaking softly. Melva is crying.
GM: Drake is standing away from everyone, quiet.
Mel:: Time to regroup and a snack? (Russian) Go over and talk to Drake
Illya: We could have one of them try to resurrect Ferdie (Russian)
GM: Drake: "So, what have we accomplished today?"
Anton: Finish reloading the shotgun, then pull out the box of dum-dum's, and reload the empty clips
Mel:: Business as usual
Mel:: Reload and check convention weapons; have a snack
Anton: "We've been dumped in cages, attacked by the walking dead, and generally have had a crappy time."
Mel:: Offer Ollie some food and talk to him
GM: Ireena stands up. She's got fire in her eyes. "Yes, and you have killed now how many of my people? Why did you have to kill him?"
Mel:: Is there anything left to search in the room? (Russian)
Illya: I say again, "We could have one of them try to resurrect Ferdie" and score some brownie points if it works. (Russian)
Anton: "Because he was a traitor. A Reinfield delux."
Anton: "And I'm having a *really* bad day...."
Anton: (er... Renfield)
Mel:: We may need that spell for another time (Russian)
GM: "I do not know a Reinfeld delux. I knew Ferdie since I was small. He was a good man.
Illya: We haven't looked to see how bad he may or may not be, perhaps something form the medkit? (Russian)
Mel:: ok...except for that gaping hole in his head (russian)
Anton: "Maybe you deserve the Count, then."
Illya: Oh yeah. (Russian)
GM: Ireena: "I am now wondering which is the greater and the lesser evil."
GM: "I believe good can...will....triumph."
GM: "The devil Strahd will be defeated."
Mel:: We still need the book to get home (Russian)
GM: "But how can I trust you now? Tell me that. How can I know who will be the next to die at your hands."
GM: Joe straightens.
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Yahoo! Messenger: Joe: is not available.
Anton: "I didn't ask you to trust me, did I?"
Mel:: What else do you know about Strahd since we have had no success in our previous encounters?
Anton: (In Russian)"Maybe we can trade the girl for the book?"
GM: Ireena: "RIght now, I don't know what I know. All I know is that nothing now makes sense, nothing at all."
Anton: (In Russian)"And get the heck out of here..."
Illya: Sounds like a plan for the next time we meet up with the count (Russian)
Mel:: What are the odds the we survive the trip back to Barovia? (Russian)
Illya: Even money (Russian)
GM: Joe: "We *can* defeat the vampire if we stick together and trust each other. But there can't be any more of this, none at all. Do I make myself clear?"
Anton: Anton looks at Joe, "Everything we've met in this castle has tried to kill us. We met you in this castle."
GM: Joe: "I have agreed to protect Ireena and the others from the vampire. And from you, if need be."
Anton: "I'm not betting my life on 'trust' right now."
GM: Joe: "Then I suggest a parting of the ways. Begone."
Mel:: Ireena will complete the circle and our lives will have less value than they currently do...she's our ticket out of here; Joe needs to show us something other than self defense. (Russian)
Anton: "Ooh. Giving orders now..... Just like the Vampire"
GM: Syman now speaks. "That bloody elf is behind this. You've *got* to see that. Strahd is caught in the middle."
Anton: "I say we head down to the crypts, find a crypt with an oak tree, and get the heck out of dodge."
GM: Syman. "I'm with Joe. Sarah. I hope you are too."
GM: Drake: "An oak tree?"
Anton: "Yeah. This dream I've had. It's the way out."
Anton: "I know it is."
Illya: Anyone got yellow ribbon? (Russian)
GM: Drake: 'I'm NOT going into the crypts. I've said that before. NOTHING you can say will make me change my mind."
Mel:: Are we better off as two units given the recent attempts at conversion? (Russian)
GM: Drake: "Yes, divide and conquer. Never fails."
Mel:: Dan is a wildcard so far
GM: Joe is sittling with the others in the back of the room by the torn apart bed. He is emptying his backpack.
Anton: "Infiltrate and destroy works, too", Anton says as he looks at Joe, Dan, and the kids...
GM: Dan is not around.
Illya: Speaking of dreams, I've had a recurring one where I am rescued by a long dead corpse, Strahd perhaps? (Russian)
Mel:: or his brother? (Russian)
GM: Drake: "I'm not banking my life on being saved by a corpse."
GM: Something catches your eye back by the other group.
Anton: Anton is, and was, watching that group.
GM: Among Joe's possessions is a cap with a bill. It's blue and has a red capital C on the front of it. It takes a moment to recognize it...
GM: a Cubs hat.
Mel:: I had a dream about the book, "Let's Make a Deal" and Door #2; if this holds true - Door#2 is our Quantum Leap back home to pub in London" (Russian); Drake please share your vision
GM: Drake: "Vision? You've got to be kidding."
Mel:: Dream
GM: Drake: "Here's my vision. We're going to get ourselves killed before the night is out if we don't start acting smart."
Anton: "If you're so smart, what do you suggest?"
Mel:: We have made it this and Marx Bros seem to be mutually exclusive events since entering this castle. (Russian)
GM: We've bounced through the house, leaving behind several unexplored areas. I say we go back to the castle proper, start on the top floor and work our way down.
Mel:: i'm in
GM: Strahd hasn't been able to hurt us yet.
GM: We can go another six hours before we'll need sleep.
Illya: Except for the crypt, cause you ain't going down there... (Russian)
Anton: "He hasn't tried to hurt us yet...."
GM: *Exactly*
Anton: "He's been playing with us"
GM: Have you considered why?
GM: Why? We have the girl! He's trying to impress her. Make him look good, make us look bad.
Mel:: we have been lucky so far...but we have left dissension in the ranks
Mel:: We are being strung along
GM: I say we need the girl. I say we make apologies and keep the group together. I say as long as we have her, and He wants her, we'll have free reign in the castle.
Mel:: Except for the henchmen, et al
Anton: "Do you call being attacked by the walking dead, dumped into underwater cells, and all that 'free reign'? Because I don't"
GM: Mel, any one of us could at a moments notice kill every one of them, Joe included. They are not a threat.
GM: Anton proved that.
Mel:: So far...we are being allowed small challenges to test our capabilities and to expend ammunition
Anton: "Well, waltzing through every room, nook and cranny of his castle gives him many chances to 'string us along'. The answer is to go after him and the book."
GM: I think, Mel, we have enough ammo to last quite a while here. Anton, we're in a vampire's castle. It's not Disneyland. But at the end of the day, we're all alive. Except for him.
GM: (Points to Ferdie)
Mel:: There are some interesting things to see here but we seem to have managed to miss most of them so let's eat some crow and get going (russian)
GM: OK, actions?
Anton: "The crypts. The answer is the crypts. That's where we should be going. Not for a guided tour of hell house."
GM: I just noticed the time. How long do you want to continue, or should we wrap it up here?
Mel:: Are there other items that we need before heading down below?
GM: Drake: "The book isn't in the crypts."
Anton: "Then where is it, Drake?"
Illya: This would probably be a good breaking point, once we've determined what to do next.
GM: "It's not in the crypts. Do you want to guess what a vampire might actually *have* in the crypts?"
Mel:: Do tell
GM: Ok, make your decisions and preparations..
Anton: "Well, it wasn't in the library. So where is it?"
Mel:: With the CFO?
GM: Drake: "Let's see. How about 'Fort is to Army as Crypt is to Vampire". Need any more?"
Mel:: Sure
Anton: "And he wouldn't keep this powerful book in his fort - he'd just leave it out for any tourist to find?"
Illya: Well sometimes the best hidden things are out in the open.
GM: Drake: "Fine. If your all going down there, then I might as well die with you as alone. Anton, take charge. For now."
GM: Drake: Can we at least agree that we need to keep Ireena, and therefore the others, with us?
Illya: Da.
GM: Drake turns and walks away from everyone, taking off his backpack and taking out a flask of water to drink.
Anton: "I'm going down there. If you all want to go home, you can come with me."
Mel:: is the heart of darkness our focus (only option) or should we expand our search?
Mel:: Should Sarah try to learn a spell?
GM: Sarah: "I'd need four hours sleep to memorize a new spell. Unless you wanted me to cast something off the scroll. Anton, want me to try and restore your lost life force?"
GM: Drake has strolled over to the others. He is talking to Joe
GM: He returns to you. "They will stay with us for now. I am responsible for your behavior. I take my responsibilities....seriously."
GM: Breaking for now.....